dannasmiletop3What are the top 3 reasons to go to a dentist outside of your dental network? Many say, once you go out of your network, you’ll never go back. At least that’s the common theme among patients at The DannaSmile who decided to come to us for their dental needs, and literally ditch the dental support that came along with their dental insurance.

What are the Benefits of Going Out of Your Dental Network for Care?

1. State of the Art. “Because we are a dental team that is dedicated to giving the best care available to our patients, we invest thousands of dollars into our state-of-the-art equipment, as well as into our fantastic team.” states Jodi Danna, DDS, owner and founder of The DannaSmile, located in Plano, Texas, a suburb just north of Dallas.

As compared to what you might experience in a network dental office, DannaSmile patients see and feel a difference right away and are very vocal about it. “When I came in for a regular check up and cleaning, my thought was why didn’t I do this earlier?” said Laura, a long-time patient of DannaSmile. “I was amazed at the level of technology that was used to evaluate my overall oral health, which was no less than astounding. And I feel privileged to be considered part of what they call The DannaSmile Family!” Practices such as DannaSmile realize the fact that to stand out is to offer nothing but the very best to current and potential patients. Why do they use the latest and greatest equipment? “It can make all of the difference when the dental team is able to view every aspect of a patient’s teeth, gums and overall oral health.” says Dr. Barnett, Dr. Danna’s primary dentist partner in The DannaSmile.

2. A Happier, More Educated Staff. When it comes to keeping up to speed with the most current trends and cutting-edge technologies available in the oral health care arena, Dr. Jodi Danna feels it is worth the investment when it comes to her team members’ level of skill and knowledge. Plus, Dr. Danna makes sure to plan many, worthwhile fun staff events, outings and even trips to Cabo. “I’ve been in the dental health care field now for over two decades and I can honestly tell you I’ve never been happier with a work environment!” says Sue Johnston, Dental Hygienist at The DannaSmile.

3. Transparent Money Options. When a patient chooses to go out of network and dives into self-pay options, many patients experience relief on multiple levels as there is zero question as to what things will cost at a practice that caters towards a patient-base who have learned of the myriad of benefits that accompany such a switch. Patients know exactly what they are paying for.

The DannaSmile has payment plans available through various finance companies, which many patients are more than happy to use. Insurance coverage is often unclear, especially when it comes to more complex dental treatment plans. And there are times when you might have written a check for the copay only to be slapped with a large bill later on that you weren’t expecting.

For more information on The DannaSmile based in Plano, Texas, go to DannaSmile.com