If you feel nervous about going to the dentist, you aren’t alone. Studies show that dental anxiety and phobia are very common. It’s estimated that 30 million to 40 million Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of fear and anxiety, greatly compromising their oral health as a result. Because getting into that dentist’s chair can be nerve-racking, here at the Danna Smile, we make it a priority to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for our patients. Because Dr. Danna understands how uneasy people can feel about going to the dentist, she works to build a foundation of trust with every patient, helping them feel at ease and well taken care of. We’ll do everything we can to make your experience in our office a comfortable one, but here are a few tips on how you can overcome dental anxiety and fear.

Talk to Us

Let our staff know that you’re nervous and feeling a bit anxious. Being open with your health care providers is an important piece of the relationship. It also enables them to accommodate your sensitives and limitations.

Listen to classical music

Throw a pair of headphones in your pocket or purse and create a classical music playlist on your phone. One study found listening to classical music lowers blood pressure, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Arrive Early

Arriving to your appointment early will give you some extra time to relax. Bring a book or flip through a magazine to help yourself mellow out.

Just Breathe

Controlling your breathing can help you relax. Take deep breaths, breathing slowly and deeply. This type of breathing, referred to as diaphragmatic breathing, helps relax the central nervous system by providing a steady flow oxygen and other chemicals.

Dental fear and anxiety can be overwhelming, but rest assured that our office will do our best to ensure that your experience in the dentist’s chair is the most comfortable it can be. Call our office today at 972-267-6244 to schedule an appointment.