DannaSmile Teamby The DannaSmile Team

Do you believe your dentist really cares about you? Do you feel your dentist’s staff really listens to you and your concerns? Do you feel comfortable talking to them, asking for what you need, or telling them how you feel? Missy, a dental hygienist for Jodi Danna, DDS, and Tina Lalangas, DDS, and part of the DannaSmile team for almost six years, makes getting to know her patients, as well as building trust, her top priority.

Making it Personal- “Tell me a little about you is a question I ask to break the ice with my first time patients,” says Missey. “Sometimes my patients appear stunned that I would even be asking them that question,” she says with a smile. “But after a while, they realize I’m serious and tell me things about themselves they might share with a new friend. This approach always helps my patients to become a little more relaxed.”

Identifying Patient Goals- “So what is your main concern and what would you like to accomplish in today’s appointment  is the one question  that will open up so many doors and allow our patients to really let us know what is important to them,” says Missey.  “How many times sitting in a dental chair has someone asked what you wanted instead of telling you what they want for you? Not very many,” she says.  “It is top priority for all of us at DannaSmile  to communicate to our patients that we are working together as a team in order to achieve their goals,” states Dr. Danna. “If our patients walk away feeling great about their experience with us,  as well as knowing they have received the ultimate in dental care, then I can confidently say our mission has been accomplished.”

For more information about the DannaSmile dental practice, based in Plano, Texas, visit their website at DannaSmile.com