At-Home Tooth Whitening

At The Danna Smile we offer some affordable and effective solutions for at-home teeth whitening. While this treatment does take a little longer to see results, over time you will begin to see a significant change in your smile.

This kind of tooth whitening is a simple, non-invasive treatment that can give you the bright, white teeth you really want. We offer the KöR and Day White® solutions for your at-home treatment.

Reasons for Tooth Whitening

This is an extremely popular cosmetic dental procedure. It’s simple, and it’s safe, and it provides proven results. There are several reasons this treatment might be for you.

  • Natural discoloration – Over time our teeth just naturally lose some of their luster
  • Stains – The foods and drinks we consume can leave a lasting impression
  • Medications – Certain medications (tetracycline, etc.) can leave your teeth stained
  • Fluorosis – Excessive fluoridation during tooth development can cause problems

How It Works

An in-home tooth whitening treatment will start in our office. During your first appointment, we’ll make impressions of your teeth so we can make your custom, clear plastic trays. Once they’ve been made, we’ll have you come in for another visit where you can try them on and we’ll make any necessary adjustments.

These trays will hold the whitening solution against your teeth, and will need to be worn either twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight for a couple weeks, depending on our diagnosis of your particular needs and the level of whitening you’re shooting for.

While some patients have experienced some tooth sensitivity during the treatment period, it will subside shortly after you have stopped the bleaching.

Contact us today to set up your appointment and learn more about your at-home tooth whitening options.