Blood Pressure Checks at Your Dentist-Dallas Area Dentist, Dr. Jodi Danna, DDS and Staff Make Sure to Check your B.P Every Visit

 Dr Jodi Danna, DDS of Plano, Texas cares about her patients with a passion. Taking blood pressure readings during every visit is one way she shows not only that she cares but also it’s the perfect way to make sure patients are in good health.

 Most people visit their dentist twice a year but don’t always see there primary physician for a physical annually.  So we have started taking blood pressures as a courtesy screening to our patients.  We also use this information as a baseline for treatment performed in our office.

High blood pressure that is not controlled can interact with the solutions we use to get you numb for your dental treatment.  So we will be taking blood pressures at all of your dental visits to ensure you the safest and worry free dental appointments!