Annual DannaSmile Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest–Enter to Win!

It's that time of year again at DannaSmile, for our annual Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest. Dig out your ugliest holiday sweater, or go find one at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or second-hand shop. Put it on and shoot a photo! Where did the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend begin? Thanks to a 2001 party trend [...]

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3 Reasons to Go to a Dentist Outside of Your Dental Network

What are the top 3 reasons to go to a dentist outside of your dental network? Many say, once you go out of your network, you'll never go back. At least that’s the common theme among patients at The DannaSmile who decided to come to us for their dental needs, and literally ditch the dental [...]

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The Big Flossing Debate: DannaSmile and the ADA Get the Facts Straight

Keep on flossing, says DannaSmile and the American Dental Association The Big Flossing Debate The media caused quite a stir creating the big flossing debate last week. DannaSmile in Plano, Texas wants to set you straight about the big media misunderstanding about the necessity of flossing your teeth. Here’s what happened: The Dietary [...]

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DannaSmile: An Inside Look to an Extraordinary Dental Practice-Part 1

Jodi Danna, DDS of DannaSmile offers unique, wellness-oriented, high-tech cosmetic dental services in Plano, Texas A visit to your dentist office should be pleasant. Yet, many people have had negative experiences  with dental practices that treated them in an impersonal, unpleasant and sometimes unprofessional manner. Experiences range from being looked at as just [...]

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Overcoming Your Dental Anxieties

Phobia: “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.” Everyone has their fears. It could be, the oh-so popular arachnophobia (fear of spiders), the fear of clowns (coulrophobia), acrophobia (the fear of heights), or Pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying). However there is one phobia out there that can cause serious problems when it comes [...]

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DannaSmile’s Dr Barnett Spearheads Project on International Good Deeds Day

DannaSmile in the Community April, 2016: Plano, Texas As part of International Good Deeds Day Dr. Mariya Barnett of DannaSmile, spearheaded a health care initiative, in conjunction with the Dallas chapter of the Alpha Omega dental fraternity, designed to assist  many adults and children in need of oral health home care essentials. Dr. Barnett and [...]

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Welcome to The Danna Smile Family!

At The Danna Smile, Dr. Jodi Danna and Dr. Mariya Barnett know how much anxiety patients experience when they go the dentist. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted a positive and welcoming atmosphere that helps put our patients at ease while delivering top tier customer service. We strive to provide the best patient experience to everyone who [...]

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month: DannaSmile Offers Preventative Screenings

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month Plano, Texas--April 2016 "Did you know that oral and pharyngeal cancer collectively kills nearly one person every hour, every day of the year?" asks cosmetic dentist, Jodi Danna, DDS. "As a preventative measure, we routinely offer oral cancer screenings to our patients at DannaSmile."    In 2016, [...]

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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation. Is it right for you?

A full-mouth rehabilitation goes beyond cosmetic treatments and is a range of procedures that work together to correct major issues that are interfering with the proper functioning and appearance of your mouth. At The Danna Smile we can help patients who are in serious pain or have lost some of that functionality because of damaged, [...]

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How Dental Hygiene Contributes to Your Overall Health

Most people should be aware of the fact that poor dental care can lead to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. However, what most people don’t know is there is a very real connection between oral health and body health. A simple toothache could be the least of your problems if you slack on your dental [...]

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