Jodi Danna, DDS of DannaSmile offers unique, wellness-oriented, high-tech cosmetic dental services in Plano, Texas

A visit to your dentist office should be pleasant. Yet, many people have had negative experiences  with dental practices that treated them in an impersonal, unpleasant and sometimes unprofessional manner. Experiences range from being looked at as just a “number,” first names being forgotten or not even being used, to being subjected to treatments and not really being informed as to  the “why” behind the process (except for the cost!) it’s no wonder the idea of going to the dentist may send chills down your spine.

However, Plano, Texas based award-winning dentist, Dr. Jodi Danna, along with Dr. Mariya Barnett, has created an environment where many other dental practices pale in comparison regarding customer service, technology, attention to detail, patient education as well as patient environment.

“I was blown away when I first came to DannaSmile. I had never been treated so well by a dental team.” says patient, Laura Lewis. “From being greeted warmly in a cozy, luxurious waiting room to being felt truly cared for by every member of the staff, it simply took my breath away! And the technology? All I can say is wow!”

Dental hygienist, Missy Yeats, has been with Dr. Danna for over 5 years.  “I couldn’t imagine not having Dr. Danna in my life.” says Yeats. “She is my boss, my mentor and my friend who has taught me so much. She is the shining star of our practice that has enabled me to be a better dental hygienist in so many aspects that reach way beyond clinical needs. The team I get to work with on a daily basis is part of my family and we help each other achieve the most amazing patient care possible. Without the support of each team member to help me and guide me through difficulties or daily tasks, I would not be as successful as I am. ”

Coming soon. Part 2: An inside look at the DannaSmile dental technology.  For more information on this extraordinary practice, visit the DannaSmile.com website.