Headache Relief

The pain of headaches…sometimes nagging, often unbearable…

Migraines…debilitating, throbbing, isolating, barely manageable.

Is it stress? What is wrong with me? Is it my hormones? Is it my sinuses? Am I genetically cursed? I don’t even feel like getting my routine dental work done…

Why can’t I figure this out?

TruDenta Headache and Migraine Therapy

Constant headaches can be distracting in the best of times and absolutely debilitating in the worst (when you’ve moved into full migraine territory). Some people fear that this chronic pain is leading them to a life full of pain and painkillers. TruDenta headache and migraine therapy has changed that, and at The Danna Smiles we can help you find real relief by addressing the cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

When Are Your Headaches Related to Dental Problems?

Many people experience the intense, pulsing pain of a migraine, or the constant pressure associated with tension headaches. For some, the pain settles right behind the eyes and just won’t go away. Sometimes it’s easy to recognize the source of these headaches (stress, using certain medications, etc.), but all too often there just doesn’t seem to be a reason.

It could be that your jaw is the source of your pain. Any imbalances in your bite can lead to nerve pain that you’ll feel in your neck, face, or head.

Anything from poor dental work to physical trauma can cause your bite to change and affect the way your jaw moves. There are a lot of nerves in that area that connect to your neck and head, and the more stress you put on it, the worse it can get.

What Is TruDenta?

The TruDenta system was designed to help you treat the headaches, migraines, and TMJ disorders that may be causing you pain by progressively adjusting your bite. It starts with a Bite Force and Range of Motion analysis, and from there we can determine what will work best for you.

This is a comprehensive approach to rehabilitating the jaw and other muscles in the area. It may take a little time to finish the entire treatment, but the result is a pain-free life that doesn’t rely on a constant flow of painkillers.

This isn’t about a quick fix. It’s about a real fix. We are correcting a problem in the joints of your mouth, and, just like other joint injuries, the severity and how well you respond to the treatment will determine the exact time necessary to fully relieve the pain and restore your jaw to normal functionality.

The treatments are totally non-evasive and drug-free, though we will use a range of technologies like:

  • cold laser therapy
  • ultrasound
  • microcurrent
  • trigger point manipulation techniques

Reclaim a Pain-Free Life

The goal of the TruDenta treatment is to provide a complete and lasting solution to your chronic headaches. We use no injections, it has no unwanted side effects, and in your very first session we can start reducing the pain and inflammation.

Take your life back today. Contact us for an appointment and find out what’s causing your headaches or migraines and start your comeback today.