Triclosan, along with 18 other antibacterial agents found in body washes and soaps, has been prohibited by the FDA as of earlier this month. This ruling has banned sales of body washes and soaps containing these ingredients. However, some toothpaste also contains Triclosan, but the FDA confusingly says it’s fine.

Triclosan was initially patented as a pesticide. It’s a very strong antibacterial and antifungal agent. Additives of this nature are playing huge roles in antibiotic resistance and superbugs. Now that the FDA has banned it in the sales of body washes and soaps, it can no longer be used in their manufacturing. However, it can still be found in products like toothpaste, mouthwash, first aid products, cosmetics and even kitchen tools.

So, why is something that has been linked to hormone disruption, development of allergies, cancer, and environmental concerns being taken out of body soap but not toothpaste; essentially a soap that goes inside your body, not just on the surface? The FDA put out a statement to Consumer Reports recently that said, “Based on the scientific evidence, the balance of benefit and risk has been shown to be favorable for this product.”

The benefits they are referring to come from studies that showed triclosan was effective in reducing plaque and gum inflammation. However, only one brand in the United States actually contains the toxic additive that has been linked to tumors in mice.

Choosing the right toothpaste can be a complicated and stressful endeavor with all the complicated and sometimes dangerous additives listed under the ingredients column.

Some kinds of toothpaste contain things like sweeteners, detergents, whitener, and desensitizers. Many of these have unpleasant side-effects most people are unaware of. The confusing part comes when you realize how many different names each ingredient can be listed under. Most of the terms are completely unpronounceable by the average consumer.

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