Trying to get your kiddos to take their vitamins is a struggle most parents know all too well. And let’s be honest, most adults have a difficult time stomaching them as well. That’s why gummy vitamins have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. It’s an easy way to get kids excited about taking their vitamins. But as Dr. Danna reminds her patients’ parents, there’s a catch: gummy vitamins contain sugar, and as we all know, sugar leads to cavities.

While gummy vitamins do contain some of the necessary supplements that many children need, much like chewy candy, they also contain sugar and citric acid, both of which are damaging to tiny teeth. Citric acid can eat away at tooth enamel, and sugar is equally problematic as it leads to cavities. But not only are the citric acid and sugar contents in gummy vitamins troubling, but the fact that they are sticky causes the remnants of the vitamins to stick to teeth longer.

Sugar-free chewable vitamins are the better option, but if you aren’t able to get your children to make the switch, there are still ways to help keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

  1. Give vitamins at mealtime. The increased saliva production from eating and chewing will help rid their mouths of gummy residue.
  2. After your children take their gummy vitamins, have them brush their teeth immediately.
  3. Stay on top of routine dental cleanings and exam.

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