latest dental technologyDental technology has surely come a long way since dentistry came into existence. With modern technology, dentists are now able to better treat patients better than ever. What were then serious dental issues requiring painful, long, multi-trip visits can now be done with greater efficiency and with  less pain and discomfort.

New Dental Technology Provides Better Diagnoses

New dental technology helps dentists get quicker, more accurate diagnoses of oral health issues. Modern technology also help dentists to better and quickly treat patients’ dental health problems.

One of the dental problems that new technology can help detect is oral cancer. Oral cancer can be fatal if not treated. Early detection and treatment are needed to keep it from causing further damage to your mouth, and throat.

Modern technology can easily, quickly and painlessly detect oral cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy have been successful treatment for oral cancer.

New Dental Technology Provides Quicker Treatment

Dana Smiles also uses modern dental technology for more routine dental techniques. With advancements in dental technology, porcelain crowns can now be made and applied the same day, often in an hour while the patient is in the dentist office. 3D imaging technology and other technology is used to make the crowns that will be used for dental implants.

The ability to have a long dental procedure done in one dental session with as little pain and discomfort is a great advantage for patients who choose a dentist that goes above and beyond and utilizes advanced dental technologies and modern practices.

New Dental Technology Reduces Pain and Discomfort

New dental technology uses more laser and 3D imaging technologies which greatly reduce the pain and discomfort of many dental procedures. They also reduce the invasiveness of more complex dental procedures.

This is a great relief for patients who have anxiety about going into the dental office and getting much-needed work done.

At Dana Smiles, we know our patients have little time to spare and expect a pleasant dental experience. The use of modern dental technology helps us surpass our patients’ expectations, giving them a convenient, efficient, comfortable dental experience.

If you want quick, accurate, effective diagnosis and treatment of your oral health concerns, don’t turn to a budget dentist with old equipment and outdated dental techniques. Call and schedule an appointment with us today to discover how much better high tech dentistry is for yourself.