Are you aware that we spend approximately 70% of our waking moments communicating with others? I love the old Hebrew saying “The beginning of wisdom is silence. The second stage is listening.” Being an effective listener is just plain hard and really takes work and training. Your ability to listen has a profound impact on your friendships, the cohesiveness of your family’s relationships and your effectiveness at work. ¬†You have to learn the value of silence and allow others the opportunity to think, feel and express themselves. Listening is a combination of hearing what others say and understanding where they are coming from. Learning this difficult skill will give you empathy.

Many times over my life I have heard someone referred to as having 2 mouths and 1 ear! There is a good reason God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth. Take a few minutes to reflect on how well you use your 2 ears.

“In true listening, we reach behind the words, see through them, to find the person who is being revealed” – John Powell