Mouth / Sports Guards

At The Danna Smile we can provide sports mouth guards for children and adults who enjoy a more active lifestyle as well as quality dental night guards for patients who may have to resolve some bite issues.

A custom mouth guard will help keep your beautiful smile in perfect condition, even if you enjoy a wide range of rough, outdoor activities.

Bite Guards/Night Guards

If you have been diagnosed with bruxism (teeth grinding) or TMJ, a night guard may be the solution you need. These types of mouth guards are specifically designed to prevent the damage that can be caused from teeth clenching and grinding.

These guards are worn every night to protect your teeth, so they’re not as thick as sports guards, but the material is still strong enough to absorb the forces you put on them while you sleep.

Sports Guards

At The Danna Smile, we can fit you with a sports guard that is comfortable, effective, and won’t irritate your gums or other soft tissues. Whether your kids are playing hard at summer camp or you’re getting involved with some local sports leagues yourself, these simple dental devices can prevent a lot of pain and potential restorative procedures down the road.

Sports guards have some characteristics that are different from custom bite guards. They are made to cover more of the gums and jaw to protect the entire mouth, and the material is thicker so it can absorb sudden impacts. And, while you can buy sports guards in stores, they’re never quite as comfortable and effective as those you can get made especially for you.

If you are living an active lifestyle, this simple preventative measure is a great way to keep your teeth safe and your smile beautiful.

Contact us today to set up an appointment and get a custom-fit sports guard before your next game or a bite guard that will protect your teeth as you sleep.