Thank you for choosing The Danna Smile for your ultimate dental care. We’re ready to welcome you to our office and help you discover the full potential of your smile!

During your first appointment, you’ll see one of our skilled hygienists immediately. The hygienist will review your medical and dental history with you and evaluate your current hygiene needs, as well as take a series of digital x-rays. Patients identified to be afflicted with periodontal disease will receive gum therapy, a deep, professional probing of the gum pockets to remove bacteria and promote the health of gum tissue. Patients with a relatively healthy mouth will receive a professional cleaning prior to the doctor’s examination.

After the hygienist finishes, the doctor will perform a comprehensive exam that includes an oral cancer screening, head and neck check, bite analysis, and review of x-rays. From this exam, the dentist will work with you to suggest a treatment plan (complete with financials) that suits your needs. Before any treatment is even started, you’ll fully understand your options and the extent of the services recommended so you can make an educated decision about your care.

Save time at your first appointment and fill out your new patient paperwork ahead of time!

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Since we strive to provide dental care that’s a full experience, we offer a variety of amenities to make your time in our office more comfortable. Relax in the chair and enjoy the music that’s piped throughout the entire office, or sip water or coffee while you wait. We’re here for you, so never hesitate to ask for anything you may need. Our team is committed to making your time in our office the absolute best it can be. Some of the amenities we offer include:


Premier dental care is here. Get the care you deserve without having to worry about how to pay for it. We are a “fee-for-service” dental office, but we never add hidden charges or surprise you with fees. If you have any questions regarding our insurance policies, please call our office. We will be more than happy to help answer your questions!

We offer a Wellness Program for patients without dental insurance that helps discount many of our services. Patients can also opt for third-party financing through CareCredit or Lending Club and we’ll work with you to ensure you understand the financial obligations prior to treatment.

We’re committed to helping you receive the best care possible, so we’re happy to help find the best financial solution for you!

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