Cleanings & Prevention

At The Danna Smile we can provide the preventative programs you need to maintain a happy and healthy mouth. We believe that preventative dentistry is a cooperative effort, though, which require us all to work together for the best results.

Real prevention starts at home with a consistent oral hygiene routine and balanced diet. Then, as you do your part, you can come in and let us do ours.

Preventative dentistry includes regular dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays. It’s important to come in and let a professional provide a good deep cleaning because, despite your best efforts, sometimes plaque will start to build up in really hard-to-reach areas. We’ll also be able to spot the beginnings of potential problems (like cavities or periodontitis) and recommend solutions to address the concern.


Professional Cleaning Services

When you come in for a professional cleaning, your appointment will include:

  • Removing tartar – Calculus (or tartar) is a really hard substance that is almost impossible to remove at home. It forms below the gum line and can only be removed with special tools.
  • Removing plaque – Plaque is a growing colony of bacteria that produce toxins that inflame the gums. We’ll make sure it’s all cleaned off and not contributing to periodontal disease.
  • Polishing teeth – This will help remove stains that seem impervious to home products.

Starting Early

The best dental hygiene starts early. Our pediatric dental services focus on providing the education and preventative treatments your kids need to build healthy teeth and great smiles. This is also a great time to identify potential problems with bite alignment or teeth that are too crowded or crooked.

Prevention Matters

Preventative dentistry, both at home and in the office, can help you avoid serious and costly dental problems. Contact us today to set up your appointment for a healthy, confident, and beautiful smile.