Having a healthy, beautiful smile requires maintenance and care. We provide general dentistry services to keep your smile looking and feeling it’s absolute best. We’re committed to our patients and bring the same skill and precision we have with complicated procedures to our general dentistry services.

We focus on preventive care, keeping decay away from your teeth. Though the incidence of decay diminishes as patients become more active in their oral health, it’s important to take a preventive approach to ensure your smile stays healthy. Our general dentistry services offer everything you need – from comprehensive exams and hygiene to screenings and protection – so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Don’t ignore decay or other tooth problems! Small issues can quickly develop into larger, complicated problems that can be costly and invasive to correct. With preventive dental care from The Danna Smile in Plano, we’ll monitor your oral health and stop problem teeth and decay in their tracks. Get the care you deserve and the smile you want – Schedule an appointment now!

Get the care you deserve and

the smile you want
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