If a tooth becomes weakened due to endodontic (root canal) therapy or moderate decay, we may suggest a dental crown restoration. Our dental crowns are porcelain “caps” that fit over the entire tooth above the gum line and restore the original shape and size. Crowns actually strengthen the structural integrity of the tooth and are custom-crafted specifically to fit your smile.

Patients who are missing a single tooth or consecutive series of teeth may opt for a dental bridge restoration, which uses prosthetic teeth anchored by two dental crowns. We’ll bond a crown to the tooth on each side of the gap created by the missing teeth, which will secure the fixed prosthetic tooth (or teeth) in place, filling the gap. We’ll ensure the artificial teeth, along with the crowns, blend seamlessly with your healthy teeth, and both our dental bridges and crowns are always metal-free and crafted of the finest porcelain. Ask us about the many replacement options we offer for missing teeth.