The Big Flossing Debate: DannaSmile and the ADA Get the Facts Straight

Keep on flossing, says DannaSmile and the American Dental Association The Big Flossing Debate The media caused quite a stir creating the big flossing debate last week. DannaSmile in Plano, Texas wants to set you straight about the big media misunderstanding about the necessity of flossing your teeth. Here’s what happened: The Dietary [...]

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie is Good for Your Teeth?

By DannaSmile Pumpkin Pie good for your teeth? The American Dental Association's website, has some great news for you this Thanksgiving--that the overall feast may actually be a-okay for your oral health. Here's what the ADA has to say about Pumpkin Pie: "The Good: Pumpkin has Vitamin A, which helps keep your [...]

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