What Causes Bad Breath?

By The DannaSmile Team There are a variety of causes of bad breath. Dallas-based dentist, Dr. Jodi Danna, DDS, explains in this enlightening video.

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8 Foods for Fresh Breath

8 Foods for Fresh Breath Bad breath is a concern for many of our patients. With regular dental appointments, it is our job to help you keep your oral hygiene in tip top shape. With optimal oral health, your breath should be fresher than most. However, did you know eating certain types of [...]

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Antioxidant Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Gel: Super-Powered Tools For Oral Hygiene

By Jodi Danna, DDS Dr. Oz loves them. I love them. And now you need to put them at the top of your list if you have a desire to take your personal oral hygiene to the next level. Here’s a wonderful article that introduces the latest and greatest antioxidant-rich oral care products made by PerioSciences. If you are sold like we are on their tremendous benefits, ask us about them the next time you come in for your appointment. Or better yet, give us a call at  972-267-6244. I highly recommend you read the original article below that discusses these super-powered tools for your oral hygiene! […]

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