The Headache Answer-Q and A with TruDenta Expert, Jodi Danna, DDS

The Answer to Chronic Headaches? TruDenta. by DannaSmile Headaches. Some come and go. While others are more chronic. And for some headache sufferers, dealing with the pain and discomfort of perpetual headaches, of seemingly mysterious origin, has been a lifelong battle. Dallas based Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jodi Danna used to be one of [...]

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What Causes Bad Breath?

By The DannaSmile Team There are a variety of causes of bad breath. Dallas-based dentist, Dr. Jodi Danna, DDS, explains in this enlightening video.

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8 Foods for Fresh Breath

8 Foods for Fresh Breath Bad breath is a concern for many of our patients. With regular dental appointments, it is our job to help you keep your oral hygiene in tip top shape. With optimal oral health, your breath should be fresher than most. However, did you know eating certain types of [...]

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DannaSmile on Your SmartPhone–We’ve Gone Mobile

We know websites can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate from your smartphone. Some sites are slow, and often there is too much information to cull through. To help make your life easier now has a fantastic new mobile website! It’s simple, good looking and easy for you to stay in touch with us. […]

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