Annual DannaSmile Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest–Enter to Win!

It's that time of year again at DannaSmile, for our annual Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest. Dig out your ugliest holiday sweater, or go find one at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or second-hand shop. Put it on and shoot a photo! Where did the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend begin? Thanks to a 2001 party trend [...]

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Oral Health News – What Do Your Gum Numbers Mean?

By The DannaSmile What do your gum numbers mean? | On a recent visit to your dentist, you may recall the dental hygienist calling out numbers to an associate as they poked and prodded around your gum line. What does this all mean? “The numbers indicate the space or depth between your [...]

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Bad Dental Habits You Need to Break

Bad Dental Habits You Need to Break By Jodi Danna, DDS Over the years I have seen many patients for dental emergencies and other problems that could have been avoided. Are you one of those people who uses their teeth as tools? I'm talking about doing things like biting off labels or even [...]

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The Importance of Chewing Food Well

photo by Coreyu on flickr by Jodi Danna, DDS   Chewing your food well is important to your overall health. It improves your digestion and is even good "exercise" for your teeth, keeping them strong. Yes, teeth need exercise too. Here's a great article addressing if the number of times you chew your [...]

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