A Smile a Day Can Keep the Doctor Away-Infographic

By DannaSmile Can smiling make you healthier? What are the primary things that make people smile? Can you guess? Check out this fun infographic detailing the down-low on the healthy benefits of smiling!  We're ready to make your smile the best it can be!  Give us a call! +1-972-267-6244 We're located just north of Dallas, [...]

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Oral Health News – What Do Your Gum Numbers Mean?

By The DannaSmile What do your gum numbers mean? | TheDannaSmile.com On a recent visit to your dentist, you may recall the dental hygienist calling out numbers to an associate as they poked and prodded around your gum line. What does this all mean? “The numbers indicate the space or depth between your [...]

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The Link Between Dental Health and Chronic Headaches

by The DannaSmile Team http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEfZuRhv0PA Why does dental health play a role in chronic headache? There is a link, as explains Plano, Texas based cosmetic dentist, Jodi Danna, DDS of DannaSmile, in this video. "Your head and mouth are made up of a myriad of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments,joints and bones which not only affect [...]

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DannaSmile Sponsors Blood Drive on November 14th, 2013 in Plano, Texas

By DannaSmile Did you know that every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood? And that more than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day? Dr Jodi Danna, DDS, Dr. Tina Lalangas, DDS and their Cosmetic Dentistry DannaSmile team are sponsoring a blood drive for The American Red Cross on Thursday, November 14th from 8am [...]

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Poor Oral Health for Kids May Mean Lower Grades and Missed School

Good Oral Health for Kids Means Better Grades and Less School Absences By Jodi Danna, D.D.S Maintaining optimum oral health in kids and teens may help boost their grades and decrease school absences. According to a University of Southern California study, kids whose oral health was compromised, did not perform as well in [...]

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Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

The Best and Worst Foods For Your Teeth by Jodi Danna, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Can you guess which foods are the very best to eat for your teeth? How about the worst? Did you know you can make a toothpaste from strawberries? Or, did you know there is a common snack you may be [...]

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Surprising Signs of Heart Attack Risk–Gum Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and More

Heart Attack Risk-Surprising Indicators Include Gum Disease, E.D. and More by Jodi Danna, DDS If you have been following our blog and postings on Facebook and Twitter  , you know that I am passionate about spreading the word on how one's oral health is a likely indicator of cardiovascular health. Yet gum and oral [...]

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Obesity and Gum Disease–Science Shows a Link

Obesity and Gum Disease--Science Shows a Link By Jodi Danna, DDS A new study shows there is a direct link between obesity and gum disease. Researchers are not sure which comes first, however, when a person is obese, their body has an increased risk of  inflammation in tissues due to an elevation of [...]

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Why Smile–The Science Behind Facial Expressions

There are plenty of reasons to smile! By Jodi Danna, DDS I recently read this article that features an interview with the author of the book "Why Smile--The Science Behind Facial Expressions." It turns out there are some pretty interesting facts about smiling. For example, the author, Marianne LaFrance, a Professor of Psychology at [...]

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