An Inside Look-Part 3-Why the Personal Touch & Premium Dental Care Sets DannaSmile Apart

by The DannaSmile Team Do you believe your dentist really cares about you? Do you feel your dentist's staff really listens to you and your concerns? Do you feel comfortable talking to them, asking for what you need, or telling them how you feel? Missy, a dental hygienist for Jodi Danna, DDS, and Tina Lalangas, [...]

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Bad Dental Habits You Need to Break

Bad Dental Habits You Need to Break By Jodi Danna, DDS Over the years I have seen many patients for dental emergencies and other problems that could have been avoided. Are you one of those people who uses their teeth as tools? I'm talking about doing things like biting off labels or even [...]

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What Causes Bad Breath?

By The DannaSmile Team There are a variety of causes of bad breath. Dallas-based dentist, Dr. Jodi Danna, DDS, explains in this enlightening video.

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Surprising Signs of Heart Attack Risk–Gum Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and More

Heart Attack Risk-Surprising Indicators Include Gum Disease, E.D. and More by Jodi Danna, DDS If you have been following our blog and postings on Facebook and Twitter  , you know that I am passionate about spreading the word on how one's oral health is a likely indicator of cardiovascular health. Yet gum and oral [...]

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8 Foods for Fresh Breath

8 Foods for Fresh Breath Bad breath is a concern for many of our patients. With regular dental appointments, it is our job to help you keep your oral hygiene in tip top shape. With optimal oral health, your breath should be fresher than most. However, did you know eating certain types of [...]

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Obesity and Gum Disease–Science Shows a Link

Obesity and Gum Disease--Science Shows a Link By Jodi Danna, DDS A new study shows there is a direct link between obesity and gum disease. Researchers are not sure which comes first, however, when a person is obese, their body has an increased risk of  inflammation in tissues due to an elevation of [...]

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Dental Phobia: 7 Common Fears

Dental phobias are common. by Jodi Danna, DDS Fear of visiting the dentist is more common than you might think. I was intrigued by this article that discusses 7 common fears people may experience when faced with their annual dental check-up, dental emergencies or even just a simple cleaning. Can you guess what [...]

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Why Smile–The Science Behind Facial Expressions

There are plenty of reasons to smile! By Jodi Danna, DDS I recently read this article that features an interview with the author of the book "Why Smile--The Science Behind Facial Expressions." It turns out there are some pretty interesting facts about smiling. For example, the author, Marianne LaFrance, a Professor of Psychology at [...]

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The Right Way to Floss Your Teeth (WATCH)

Are you flossing your teeth the proper way? There is a right way and a wrong way to floss your teeth. Are you flossing your teeth the proper way? Take a few minutes to check out this video that talks about why it is extremely important to follow the "floss rules" while flossing. [...]

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Coconut Oil–A New Weapon Against Tooth Decay!

Coconut Oil Prevents Dental Decay If you are crazy for coconuts, this news may very well put you over the edge! Researchers in Ireland found that enzyme-treated coconut oil actually kills bacteria that causes tooth decay. Here's a great article over at the Huffington Post that introduces the concept. This research is so [...]

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