A Smile a Day Can Keep the Doctor Away-Infographic

By DannaSmile Can smiling make you healthier? What are the primary things that make people smile? Can you guess? Check out this fun infographic detailing the down-low on the healthy benefits of smiling!  We're ready to make your smile the best it can be!  Give us a call! +1-972-267-6244 We're located just north of Dallas, [...]

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Why Smile–The Science Behind Facial Expressions

There are plenty of reasons to smile! By Jodi Danna, DDS I recently read this article that features an interview with the author of the book "Why Smile--The Science Behind Facial Expressions." It turns out there are some pretty interesting facts about smiling. For example, the author, Marianne LaFrance, a Professor of Psychology at [...]

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Oral Cancer is sneaky!

September, 2012-Plano, Texas Oral cancer is one cancer that sneaks up on its victims. It is the sixth most common cancer in the world and among the most devastating since it affects the face, which is the focal point of human interaction.  It isn't as easily detected as some other cancers. Why? Normally cancerous cells develop under the mucosal layer of [...]

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