The Link Between Dental Health and Chronic Headaches

by The DannaSmile Team Why does dental health play a role in chronic headache? There is a link, as explains Plano, Texas based cosmetic dentist, Jodi Danna, DDS of DannaSmile, in this video. "Your head and mouth are made up of a myriad of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments,joints and bones which not only affect [...]

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Surprising Signs of Heart Attack Risk–Gum Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and More

Heart Attack Risk-Surprising Indicators Include Gum Disease, E.D. and More by Jodi Danna, DDS If you have been following our blog and postings on Facebook and Twitter  , you know that I am passionate about spreading the word on how one's oral health is a likely indicator of cardiovascular health. Yet gum and oral [...]

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