added on: March 22, 2018
Photo of Kristy

Registered Dental Assistant

Kristy is another member of our talented team with over 20 years experience working in dentistry. We are so pleased to have her in the office every day assisting with all chairside and front desk duties. Kristy didn’t choose dentistry it found her while she was working in a dentist’s office during summer breaks from school. She enjoys helping to transform smiles. Kristy is also your go-to girl all things insurance and billing. It’s her other big responsibility besides assisting chairside. Kristy loves working with her fellow team members and keeps things fun thanks to a sassy, sweet, sincere, and loving attitude. You’ll most likely find Kristy doing something exciting outside of the office such as hunting, spending time with her kids, dancing, taking in a movie, and reading a good book.

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