The Answer to Chronic Headaches? TruDenta.

The Answer to Chronic Headaches? TruDenta.

by DannaSmile

Headaches. Some come and go. While others are more chronic. And for some headache sufferers, dealing with the pain and discomfort of perpetual headaches, of seemingly mysterious origin, has been a lifelong battle. Dallas based Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jodi Danna used to be one of those people. However, she found the headache answer. TruDenta, which is the system she  now offers to patients seeking relief. The following is a question and answer session with Dr. Danna about this unique, chronic headache solution.

Q: Why is TruDenta so effective?  

Dr. Jodi Danna:  Trudenta incorporates all of the modalities utilized for the treatment of headaches. They include: massage, chiropractic care,  dental care, opthalmology , bio-feedback, anti-inflammatory medications, and various other health strategies. We use this process as a  means of diagnosing and treating force related dental conditions.

Q:  How long does the process take?

Dr. Jodi Danna: A diagnosis is made as to what stage or level of pain you have  by using diagnostic c computer technology as well as pain scale. Once the this level is diagnosed, patients will undergo a series of 8-12 therapy sessions with 3-4 sessions to make the necessary adjustment to balance their bite.

Q: What type of results has she seen first hand?

Dr. Jodi Danna:  I experienced results first hand! On a personal level, I suffered from daily headaches that began when I was 21 years old.  I would explain the ear pain, the headaches, the dull pain down my neck and behind my eyes to my doctor and went through the same series of treatments in the hope of finding relief.  When I found out about Trudenta, of course I was skeptical, but hopeful.  The treatments for me have been life changing and my headaches are significantly reduced and many weeks I go headache free now.

Photo Credit: aldoaldoz via Compfight cc