smilingWhen you are dressed up for a special occasion and love the way you look, you act differently. Smiles are the same way. The way you feel about the look of your smile changes the way you feel about yourself and act in different situations. As a cosmetic dentist in Plano, TX, we have seen these results first hand. If you don’t believe us, here are some highlights from psychologists who have studied smiling and the way it influences your daily life.

More Confidence

First appearances are very important, influencing the way you perceive a person as well as how you treat them. If someone walks into a room with a strong, beautiful smile, others label them as attractive, strong, and successful. A stranger who walks into a room with an unattractive smile or just doesn’t smile, they are labeled as shy, awkward, unfriendly, and even unsuccessful if their teeth are bad. While these first impressions are rarely fair, it affects the way people treat and respond to you.

Enhancing your smile through braces, whitening, or fixing broken teeth will immediately improve your self-confidence. You can walk into a room and feel comfortable smiling, talking to others, and feeling great about your appearance. This has shown to help job interviews, dating situations, and even efforts to make friends. Others are naturally attracted to people who are confident and positive. Smiling a lot gives others the impression that you have both qualities and they are drawn to you without even realizing it.

Happier Overall

Once you have a confident smile and use it more, you will feel happier. Smiling has told others you are happy since the dawn of time, but we have learned that it also tells your brain you are happy too. When you smile, even if you aren’t feeling happy, the tension in the facial muscles and the affect smiling has on your voice both signal to the brain that you are happy and the emotions respond. Unfortunately, this means that the reverse situation is also true; suppressing smiles signals to your brain that you are not happy and eventually you start to feel down.

It’s easy to see that whether you choose to smile or not will influence the way you feel during the day. Feeling self-conscious about your unattractive smile often leads to hiding it in one way or another. Instead of smiling, people choose to avoid social situation or avoid talking to others that might see their bad teeth. We now know that this will lead to you feeling less happy and eventually changing your personality too. Doing a few simple changes to improve your smile is more than just wanting to feel more attractive, it also leads to more smiling and a happier disposition overall.

The psychology of the smile is an interesting field of study that is always learning more. Smiling and interacting with people around us has positive influences over our well-being and attitude. Rather than hiding yourself away from the world because of bad teeth, fix your smile and discover the happiness you have been missing out on. Life is prettier when you smile.