Chronic headaches or migraines can be more than just a pain. They can interfere with your everyday life, making daily tasks impossible to accomplish. Sometimes, those headaches can be related to undiagnosed dental conditions. Dr. Danna sees many patients who suffer from headaches or migraines who weren’t aware dental irregularities were the source of their discomfort. In cases like these, the patient’s jaw is most often the primary source of pain. Many people aren’t aware that imbalances in their bite can lead to nerve pain that impacts the neck, face and head. While the pain can be debilitating for some, a treatment option called TruDenta can provide relief.


What is TruDenta?

TruDenta is a form of headache relief that treats the pain associated with chronic headaches and migraines by combining a number of techniques commonly used in sports medicine therapies. The process is pain-free and drug-free and utilizes technologies such as cold laser therapy, ultrasound, microcurrent and trigger point manipulation techniques. This type of treatment aims to treat the source of symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves, making it that much more effective and providing long-lasting relief. It targets the muscle forces in the head, neck and jaw that are often responsible for the pain associated with chronic headaches and migraines. Your dentist may recommend at-home continuing care program such as exercises or an orthodontic for short-term use to additionally alleviate discomfort.


How does the process work?

While the process may vary from dentist to dentist, typically, patients can expect a bite force analysis to determine the imbalances in their jaw, a range of motion analysis that will provide detailed digital measurements outlining specific range of motion deficits, a headache history form, a muscle exam and a head health questionnaire.


If chronic headaches and migraines are interfering with your way of life, we encourage you to reclaim a pain-free life by call our office today at 972-267-6244. Schedule your appointment, and get started on living your life headache free.