You only make the first impression one time, and when meeting someone, the first thing most people look at is our teeth. We are constantly looking at others and their bright, white smiles and thinking how great we would look if we could do something to make our own teeth appear that way. Movie stars are constantly in front of us with their perfect smiles and truth be told, they were not born with those perfect smiles. Unfortunately, many of us are born with gaps, crooked teeth, yellow teeth or all of these. These imperfections affect our self-esteem, opportunities are missed and others look at you as if you did not take care of your teeth. We can help you achieve your perfect at Danna Smile.

Making the decision about porcelain veneers cannot be taken lightly. Meeting with us for a consultation is the first and most important step. You will want to explain what you want to be corrected and you may try on veneers to see if that is the outcome you are wanting. We can also do a cosmetic image of your face so that you can see yourself with the veneers. It is crucial to communicate with your doctor through the entire process so that the veneers meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Porcelain veneers are made up of several thin ceramic layers which take the place of your original tooth enamel. A small amount of your tooth, usually less than a millimeter, has to be removed before the veneer can be attached. After they remove this part of your tooth they will fit you for your veneers at which there will be some time, approximately a week, where you have to wait for them to make the mold of your veneers so that they fit your teeth exactly. When the veneers are applied it is very important that the resin that is placed between your teeth and the veneers bonds correctly. This resin hardens with a special light and is a critical step in assuring that your veneers have the desired look that you and your dentist are striving for.

Once the placement of the veneers is complete there will be a follow-up visit. This visit is crucial as we need to assess if the veneers are doing well in your mouth and that your mouth is reacting well to them. Veneers can be treated as your original teeth and you will want to continue with routine brushing and flossing. Continuing routine dental appointments is also important.

What’s stopping you from the perfect smile, a higher self-esteem and more positive outlook on life? Contact us at (972) 267-6244 for a consultation to see how the perfect smile would look on you!